To Live and Die in West Central Scotland

by The Kimberly Steaks

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Released in the UK by All In Vinyl Records

All songs written/ripped off by Greig Steak

Recorded in Cambuslang by Boab ( in a couple of days in early January 2014

Art by Wolf Mask –

"This album is so stinkin' good. Like if Green Day and Dear Landlord had a baby and gave it up for adoption to Sicko who moved to Scotland with it. Or something?"
- Mitch Clem

"While the band would’ve been right at home doing singles on Mutant Pop or Rhetoric, there’s something about this LP that avoids sounding outdated and just comes across as fun as shit".
- Razorcake

"If I could have heard this album when I was 25, I would have totally bust a nut. But even now, in much happier times, I can't get enough of The Kimberly Steaks".
- Faster and Louder

"Getting out of bed is a real chore sometimes, as is getting out of the house. Everything’s a chore actually. The Kimberly Steaks definitely know this".
- Punktastic

"The Kimberly Steaks are an awesome Scottish punk band and if you haven’t heard their new album To Live and Die in West Central Scotland you’re seriously fucking up".
-Dying Scene

"This is a record that screams integrity in a time where it's so often sadly lacking".
-Glasswerk Magazine


released March 15, 2014


all rights reserved



The Kimberly Steaks Glasgow, UK

Pop-punk from Glasgow. We like to play gigs and put out records. If you want to help with either, get in touch!

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Track Name: Wasted days (and lonely nights)
Last week I went out and I drank myself sick every night
But I don't feel remorse at all
And something tells something's not quite right
But all I know is that it's better than staring at the walls

Another wasted day
Another shit month spent dreaming away

Last night I had a dream, I was a millionaire
I didn't have to think or use my brain at all
I just lay on the beach all day smoking cigarettes
But then I woke up once again
I woke up once again to sweet fuck all
Track Name: Career progression
Spend most days staring into space
Zoned out, a million miles away
You probably think I'm lazy but I'm not
My mind's just numb

Ten cups of coffee until I'm awake
Itching for my next cigarette break
And she’s the only thing that gets me through
I swear it's true

And I love her silly little mind that thinks the world's ok
And something nice might be around the corner
But her optimism doesn't rub off on me
I'll remain a realist, I'll just get high instead

I can't get no mental stimulation
So I bide my time with procrastination, and turn the autopilot on
Can’t take the monotony
Think I need a fucking lobotomy
But drugging myself stupid seems a lot more fun
And it takes less time

And I know I'm going fucking nowhere
I'm just getting older and more cynical
I spend more time alone than I do with my friends
Who all think I’m a bore, and I can’t agree more

And I’m so miserable that even Paul Rodgers would agree that I'm bad fucking company

*Lookout! 1993 breakdown*

Now that there's nothing more to lose
I might as well come clean
I think about you every day
And I'm being sincere
And I'm not even drunk yet, just overdosed on apathy
Deep down I know that you’ll never want me
I don't want to dream about you anymore.
Track Name: On my mind
When I realised you were moving on
I didn't have anything to say
I'll have to find a new distraction now
To keep the boredom at bay

I've got you on my mind

When you left the other day
I felt empty as the beer cans on my floor
And though you don't feel the same way
I feel like I should tell you this once more:

I've got you on my mind
Track Name: Wrong exit
There's no cash in the bank and no beer in the fridge
Seems my luck's running dry
I'm convinced that I took the wrong exit
And got overtaken by time

And I'm trying to be more social than before
But I end up isolating myself even more

I should be out tonight but I'm home watching Die Hard on ITV2
In this state of arrested development
I'd laugh if it wasn't true

So I shut myself in my room and lock the door
And write songs about watching TV and being bored
But I don't think I can live like this anymore

Sitting up drinking alone til' half past four
Watching re-runs of Father Ted and The World at War
And I don't think I can live like this anymore
No I don't think I can live like this anymore
Track Name: Early retirement
I know I'm losing touch
And the funny thing about it is that I think I like it that way
But I don't care so much
I just sit back and don't let it get to me

But I'm still stuck here
Running out of options fast
I need to make some plans
Then I’ll get out of here at last

The future's not so bright
Seems this disposition stems from bad choices made long ago
There's no end in sight
Twenty five years without a fucking thing to show

Telling myself every night I'll get out of this rut
With dreams so fucked up
I'm still scared when I wake up

It seems there no point in trying
There's no way out I can see
So I'm packing it in and it's early retirement for me
Track Name: Fear and Loathing in Larkhall
Another week, another waste
Another weekend out my face
This fucking place is killing me
I need a change of scenery

And every night I dream
Either that my teeth are falling out
Or that I'm falling to the ground
And I guess it's supposed to mean something
But I'm too lazy to look it up
So I guess I'll deal with it another day

Listening to President Yo La Tengo
Wishing I was high
Maybe if my coupon comes up this week
I'll go out and buy myself some happiness
Albeit only temporary
Anxiety can take a back seat for now.
I say my drinking’s recreational
But it's starting to become habitual
But I guess I'll deal with it another day

*Ravi Shankar bass interlude*

Feels like my best years are behind me now,
Pretty sad when you're only twenty-five years old
I'm not coping well at all
And my drinking isn’t habitual
It's fucking perpetual
But I guess I'll deal with it another day

Yeah, well, I guess I'll deal with it another day
Track Name: Domestic life
Found out I was self-sufficient
When I started living on my own
Doctor Who marathons and marijuana
Kill the pain of being alone
But I'm not living man, I'm just killing my time

Domestic life (x 6000)

*CCR-on-speed bluegrass instrumental*

Who needs companionship
When you’ve got video games to play
Going into the outside world is overrated anyway
But I’m getting better, man
I swear I’m not losing my mind

Domestic life
That’s the life for me
Track Name: My quarter-life crisis
It suddenly occurred to me
That I’ve been struggling recently
To force myself to get out of bed at all
And the only real relationships I’ve had
In the past five years
Have been with loneliness and alcohol

Sitting zoned out playing Streets of Rage all day
Jeff Stelling tells me that my coupon’s been fucked again
By Sheffield Wednesday

And I'm all wound up in my feral thoughts and apathy
And this gradual but steady detachment
Is what’s really killing me

It seems it’s my own fault that things don't go my way
And I now can't go to the gig tonight
'Cos I got kicked out of The Bay

Smoking more cigarettes than Don Draper now
But it’s not enough
And I’m fast becoming adept in the art of fucking up

*Blazing guitar solo for the ladies*

This sense of complete utmost senselessness
Should really bother me
But I'm completely indifferent
Track Name: Self medication
Sick and tired of having nothing to my name
Going nowhere like a reference frame
Zero motivation, every day’s the same
Headed for the masturbation hall of fame

And I guess that I’m never going to make it
I’ve got something in my head and I’m never going to shake it
I know there's help out there, but I'm not willing to take it
So I'll probably just self-medicate and fake it

I’ve been looking for a girl but she's been hard to find
I'm not looking for a new New Lanark
I'm trying not to lose my mind

Sick and tired of waking up cold and alone
Feeling half dead with my money all blown
The girl from last night’s not going to phone
Give me a beer, I’m getting fucked up on my own

*Second chorus different than the first... chorus*

And I guess that I’m never going to make it
I’ve got something in my head and I’m never going to shake it
I’d make myself a promise but I know I’m going to break it
So again, I’ll go ahead, I’ll self-medicate and fake it
Track Name: So long, see you tomorrow
She told me it was over
So I guess now I’m alone again
And I haven’t been sober
For more weeks than I care to remember now

So I’ll resign myself to a lifetime of daytime TV
And torture myself thinking about how things could have been
But I know that nobody else is to blame but me

Now it’s pissing down outside
There’s no chance I’m getting out of here
I’m running low on cigarettes
I already scraped the grinder now I’m out of beer

So I brace myself for crash landing, and coming back down
And there’s no safety net to stop me from hitting the ground
Or the impending moment of clarity, and here it comes now

And what I’m trying to say
Is that I think about you every day
And how I wish you would stay
To keep me from wasting away

And I’m just trying to say
That I think about you every day
And when I’m lying in bed
With no thoughts in my head
Just a feeling of dread
Every night it’s the same
Half the time I can’t remember my own name
But one thing’s for sure
When I turn out the light
I’ll be dreaming of you by my side
Track Name: Fix my head
Don't bother firing me, I quit
I’m tired of all the same old shit
And I completely understand I've only got myself to blame
But I feel I'm going insane

And I just need a little time to fix my head

Every day is just the same
Fried the electrodes in my brain
And I've just finished watching the office for the millionth time
I think I'm finally losing my mind

And I just need a little time to fix my head
Track Name: To live and die in West Central Scotland
"A way-way-way-off-Broadway musical by The Kimberly Steaks"

"Still on my mind"

I still can’t get you off my mind so I guess I’ll get out of it tonight
I know there’s no hope left for us this time
But I’d rather stare at your walls than mine
And I know it’s goodbye

And now it’s snowing outside
And there’s nothing on TV
I’m just waiting for the amnesia to kick in
Then at least one of us will get out of my head

And I know it's goodbye

I find it hard to find the will
To write a song about how much I miss you
When you probably don’t even think of me at all
And I know you won’t listen

"Face the world"

And now for something completely depressing
I’m losing the plot and my ability to differentiate
Between my dreams and reality

And I can’t pinpoint the moment when things got
So out of hand I couldn’t stop mine from shaking
I’ll be ok, but I can’t face the world today
I can’t face the world today

"Not listening"

I’m wound up tighter than Frank Grimes
I’m talking to myself when no one else is around
And I’m ignoring the stop signs
My brain is telling me I need to slow down
But I’m not listening

And I’m overthinking everything
To the point that it’s making me sick
And it sucks that life’s a lot harder
When you’re not an arrogant dick
I need propranolol, Prozac or rum
Or maybe just a weekend in bed
Or maybe I should cut my losses
And drill a fucking hole in my head


I’m getting tired of being tired all the time
This indoor living suits an outsider like me
But I’m drifting further out
And I’m struggling to keep track of what’s going on
I have to remind myself that my mind still functions now

But I’m getting used to being useless now
Senses dulled so much I’m senseless now
I’m bored past the point of the boredom now
I’ve got to get out of this rut somehow

I don’t want to wake up today

Nothing to get up for anyway
So I’ll just lie here and vegetate

"Last train"

I’ve had enough
Of talking for the sake of conversation
And the deflating sensation
Of being constantly let down

But as I watch the last train
As it pulls into the station
A smile crosses my face and
I know I’m getting out of town

And whatever awaits me
It can’t be worse than facing
Another year in this place

And whenever I feel down
I remind myself I’m not bound
To live and die in this town

"Terminal Boredom (Reprise)"

Guess I’m lonelier than I thought
Unrequited doesn’t do the way I feel justice at all
My brain got tired, packed up and left me
So now I’m left here on my own
And I’m bored to the nth degree

Nothing seems to bother me much
I haven’t seen the sun for three days now
But I don’t really care
And I’m too lazy to make a difference
So I’ll just sit here smoking cigarettes
And watching Breaking Bad all day

Thank You Mario, But Our Princess is in Another Castle

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