All in Vinyl single series

by The Kimberly Steaks

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Suffocated 00:45
Well here I go again I'm alone And I know the reason why This creeping sense of dread has reared its head And left me hanging out to dry So I hole myself up in splendid isolation But it only serves to add to the frustration And I wonder if I'm even in motion Or if I'm only standing still And I'm Placating my emotions with black label and pink pills And I know this solution is only temporary But these demands are completely arbitrary and I'm so frustrated And I'm isolated I'm suffocated And I just can't take it
Off the grid 02:02
I'm giving up It's time I disappeared completely Cos I'm not keeping up With my own problems Never mind a hundred million others just the same I'm clocking out before this beats me Cos I've had enough Of wasted days and lonely nights writing off my brain Please mind the gap when alighting from this train But I need something a little bit stronger to kill the pain If I have to put up with this any longer I'm gonna go insane So I've given up And now I'm off the grid completely Now things are looking up I don't know where I'm going but it sure as fuck can't be any worse than where I've been And now unless my eyes deceive me The sun is coming up I'm waking up like all this shit's just another dream Cos where we're going no one controls my brain But I need something a little bit stronger to kill the pain If I have to put up with this any longer I'm gonna go insane And no one here is getting any younger, so if it's all the same Let's do something and not just squander what little time remains



Two new songs from each band on cream coloured vinyl, with screen printed covers and instant download. This is the 4th in All in Vinyl's latest series of split 7"s, full details here:


released July 30, 2016


all rights reserved



The Kimberly Steaks Glasgow, UK

Punk rock from Glasgow. We like to play gigs and put out records. If you want to help with either, get in touch!

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